Your online casino needs a licence too. And here’s why…

Casino Licencing
Opening a gambling business always starts with getting a licence. Having a licence signifies that the casino operator is reliable and honest. Experienced gamblers first of all check whether the casino has the necessary permit to engage in gambling activities. If it doesn’t, the company is working illegally. This means that such operators can cheat the user, tamper with game results, or not pay out winnings. Such a firm loses user trust immediately.
What does an entrepreneur need to know about gambling licencing? What are the requirements for casinos? What do you pay attention to when choosing a jurisdiction? How do you get a gambling licence? This article will enlighten you the more and enable you to open a casino business without breaking the law. 

Why do you need a gaming licence?

An online casino licence is a document that permits you to run an online gambling business. It is issued by a special regulatory authority. To obtain such a permit, a company must meet a number of requirements. It is illegal to provide gambling services without a licence. This means that you might run into serious trouble with the law, which could range from imposition of financial penalty to closure of the casino business entirely. A gambling licence is an indisputable guarantee that the business has full legal backing.

Types of gaming licences

There are several types of regulation out there in the gambling market:

Even if the applicable law prohibits gambling activities, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to say goodbye to online casinos. Thanks to offshore casino licencing, an entrepreneur from any country can open an online casino business.

Jurisdiction for Licencing

Choosing a jurisdiction for licencing

You’ve now seen that in order to legally provide video slots or roulette services, online casinos are required to obtain a licence. Your business is doomed to failure if it doesn’t have the necessary permit. First, you won’t be able to open a bank account. Secondly, you’ll not be able to host many board games on your site. Owners of legal online casinos enjoy a number of privileges—for example, simplified tax regime.

But getting a licence is just half the battle. You need to choose a reliable jurisdiction, whose services are approved in many countries around the world. If you don’t know which jurisdiction to apply for legalizing your business, use the rating below. It lists all the regulators operating legally.

Popular jurisdictions

To make it easier to find a reliable jurisdiction, we publish a list of countries that offer the most favorable licencing terms. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you on which particular jurisdiction to choose for honest and safe gambling.

Curacao —

Curacao is a paradise island situated in the southern Caribbean Sea, about 80 km (50 miles) off the coast of Venezuela. Despite its compact size, Curacao e-gaming licence is one of the world’s most popular gambling licences.

United Kingdom —

Even novice gamblers have heard of such an organization as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Indeed, it is one of the largest gaming authorities in the world. In order to obtain a licence in the UK, you are expected to submit a whole package of documents, which includes proof of no criminal conviction, a ready-made business plan, and proof of financial solvency. Unlike in other countries, the UK Gambling Commission charges tax of 15-50% of gross income. You will also have to pay for annual licence renewal. Incidentally, the annual fee has increased by 55% since October 1 this year.

Alderney —

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has been overseeing all forms of gambling activities in the country since 2000. Applicants must prepare paperwork and deposit funds in order to successfully register. The average licence fee is £17,500, renewals are twice as expensive. These amounts depend on the annual gross income of the casino, the type of licence and other factors.

Malta Gaming Authority —

Malta Gaming Authority issues two types of licences (B2B and B2C). After receiving permission to conduct gambling activities, you must comply with a number of requirements. For example, you’re required to regularly provide detailed financial statements, and guarantee protection of players’ personal data. At first, an operator obtains a temporary permit for a period of 6 months. If there are no violations and after a thorough analysis, a 5-year licence is issued. Depending on the generated profit, online casinos pay about 0.55-1.25% in taxes.

Gibraltar Licencing Authority —

Gibraltar is another popular jurisdiction where you can obtain a gambling permit. However, the requirements here are much more stringent. For example, in order to get a Gibraltar licence, online casino owners have to prove their financial solvency and provide a detailed business plan with step-by-step actions. Potential licencees must be ready to perform financial transactions and processing of players’ credit card data only through Gibraltar’s banks. The owners pay 1% of the annual gross profit.

How is a licence obtained?

Having a gambling licence ALWAYS converts into customer loyalty. When a player sees that the operator has full legal backing, he has confidence that every financial transaction is safe and that the gambling process is honest and transparent. On legal online casino sites, there is no room for fraud and manipulation.

Today, most entrepreneurs planning to open an online casino seek a Curacao licence. First and foremost, this is due to the ease of processing and affordability. If you calculate all the costs, you will see that it would cost you no more than €25,000 to obtain the gambling permit. The licence covers absolutely all types of gambling activities, from video slots to bingo.

It should be noted that the Curacao jurisdiction has been into gambling licencing since 1996. Over 25 years, it has accumulated a lot of experience and is rightfully considered one of the best and most trusted offshore licensors. To obtain a Curacao gaming licence, an operator would need to register with the Antilles Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and also provide a package of documents and financial statements.

How much does it cost?

GamingLicencing is your reliable assistant when it comes to matters of online casino licencing with great growth prospects! The table below shows the cost of opening a turnkey gambling platform:

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