Gaming Licence Cost

The cost of Curacao gambling licence is both attractive and fair. It is an ideal offshore solution for those who want to run a successful international gaming business remotely. Fast licencing application service allows the online casino to operate within the shortest time possible and the reasonable licence price helps enter the market even with the limited seed funding.

Why do many owners of gambling businesses give preference to Curacao jurisdiction? Besides global recognition and low pricing factor, the answer lies in its simplicity: a simplified registration procedure with a minimum set of documents and a low barrier to entry.

How much does a gambling licence Curacao cost?

The cost of gambling licence depends on many factors and can vary depending on the availability of the client’s personal resources.

This price of Curacao licence includes:

There are a lot of factors that determine the final cost of a gambling licence, all of which depend on the services your establishment requires. The following table includes the expected fees and cost of the Curacao licence if you opt for the basic package.

How to issue a Curacao licence?

Entrepreneurs or anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset who delves into the world of online gambling, do not fully understand all the niche-specific nuances of how to conduct a gambling business legally and do not know how to deal with issues that may arise afterwards. GamingLicencing can offer its professional help and answer every question regarding the process of issuing a Curacao licence. You can consult the experts anytime you’re willing to clarify any aspect you have problems with. GamingLicencing team will help will help you not only find out how much is a gambling licence but will also take care of the whole licence issuing process.

GamingLicencing experts are familiar with all the laws of Curacao, so there is no doubt that the application for a gaming licence will be issued in agreement with all the international requirements and lawful regulations.

GamingLicencing provides a turnkey registration of the Curacao licence. GamingLicencing service has no hidden costs or fees – only fixed price according to the contract.

How to Get a Gambling Licence

How to get a gambling licence?

Getting a gambling licence can be tricky. Gambling business is a specific niche area that is even banned in some countries. Therefore, in order not to violate the local law and be able to conduct a legal business where it is possible, it is recommended to get the permission from relevant jurisdictions that are more loyal to the online casinos. One of the most profitable and reliable options available today is Curacao jurisdiction, where you can get a gambling licence in no time, which is (considering affordable Curacao gaming licence cost) is a great way to start a successful business even for the first-time entrepreneurs.

This jurisdiction has been operating since 1996 and is recognised today as one of the most reliable and stable. Besides, one licence applies to all types of gambling business activities.

To get a gambling licence, you must be registered in the Chamber of Commerce of the Antilles, to be able to create an offshore company. Then, you will have to collect and prepare a minimum package of supporting documents to back up your application.

How and Why You Should Renew Your Licence

Curacao authorities demand a gaming licence renewal on a yearly basis. With GamingLicencing, you can pay one fee for a score of services, such as hosting services, backup storage, company management, licence renewal, and all other related costs. The yearly bill ends up being €17,900 + 6% sales tax.  

By not renewing your licence, you risk it being revoked and your gambling operation coming to a halt. 

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