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Online sports betting is considered a profitable business with a short payback period. Bookmakers that accept bets over the Internet must have a licence for this type of activity, and not every country issues them. GamingLicencing will help you obtain a prestigious licence from Malta or Curacao and start a legal betting business in the shortest time possible. Of course, the assistance of our experts will not eliminate the need to collect all documents required by those jurisdictions, but we are fully aware of all the pitfalls, and therefore you will not have to deal with bureaucratic procedures.

Getting a Malta betting licence

Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean island state. The best time to visit it is autumn, when there is no sultry heat and the water temperature is still comfortable for swimming. However, to obtain a licence, you will not have to fly—or sail by ferry from Sicily— to Malta at all, since we will take all the trouble. According to MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) rules, bookmaking activities require a B2C licence. In order to get it, you must provide the following documents:

 The licence is issued for the duration of five years. Apart from paying for the registration of the company in Malta and the starting licence fee, licence holders are required to settle the so-called Gaming Tax set at 5% of the revenue. After receiving a registration fee and verifying the submitted documents, MGA makes a decision on issuing a betting licence. Generally, the whole process takes about 6 months.

As a result, you will be issued a B2C licence, which allows you to conduct betting activities in all countries where gambling is not prohibited and all EU member countries that do not have their own local gambling regulator

Getting a Curacao betting licence

A company that is planning to receive sports bets via the Internet may also obtain a Curacao licence, which is considered a convenient alternative to Malta’s one. With the Curacao betting licence, one can enjoy a number of advantages:

  • almost every bank will willingly open you a Merchant Account for conducting transactions and players’ deposits/withdrawals;
  • sportsbook software providers freely cooperate with Curacao licence holders;
  • Curacao’s corporate tax rate is very low, and so is the profit tax rate — set at only 2%. The licence fees are also among the most affordable ones in the market of reputable gambling regulators.

In order to successfully get a licence, you must meet several technical requirements, such as storing backup information about clients and transactions on Curacao’s soil (other databases may be physically located anywhere), getting your software certified by an audit company and having specific website sections (Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy, etc.) and a clickable icon confirming licencing.

Online Betting Licence Cost

To get hold of an online betting licence and diversify your online casino even further, GamingLicencing offers you help with the following price tags:

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